The Easy Way to Maintain Tax Records!


Tax Twink is designed to streamline business data entry and tax preparation, generating Schedule-C reports for unlimited sub-businesses that are ready for your tax preparer to enter totals from the Tax Twink compilations derived from your Tax Twink General Ledger.

Besides the Schedule-C compilations, Tax Twink also creates detailed reports for your tax year including General Ledger Account Totals, General Ledger Account Details, and Receipt and Disbursement Totals for each sub-business.

Business set up is simple and straightforward:

First, you will need to register you business with Tax Twink. This is a simple process of clicking "Tax Twink Client Portal", then click "Register Here" and enter your business information. After completing the form, click "Register" and Tax Twink will create a secure directory on our server for all of your business data.

At this time, Tax Twink will prompt you to pay for your Tax Twink subscription, which is $1200 annually.

Now you will be logged in to Tax Twink. Subsequent visits to Tax Twink will require logging in by clicking "Tax Twink Client Portal" and logging in with your email address and password.

Next, you will need to set up your Chart of Accounts. Log into Tax Twink and click "Chart of Accounts". You will be prompted to key in account numbers and account descriptions and assign the IRS cross reference account headings. You can optionally assign your Chart of Accounts to individual sub-businesses which will maintain records for each sub-business. Examples are provided to simplify this process.

After completing your Chart of Accounts and optional sub-business entries, you are ready to begin entering activity by clicking "Log Activity". Here you will be prompted to specify which sub-business you will be entering checks and withdrawals (disbursements), and receipts (deposits). With each entry, you will assign a chart of accounts number with the easy access drop-down menu. Then, click "Save Entry" with each transaction entered. Tax Twink allows easy editing for miskeyed entries.

At the end of your tax year, click "Prepare Taxes" and Tax Twink will generate all the necessary reports to give your accountant/tax preparer. You can also click "Prepare Taxes" at any time during the current year to get a snapshot of your current P&L status. You can also access previous years in the same manner.

We are certain that Tax Twink will simplify your accounting process, saving valuable time and allowing access at any time to review your business and sub-business's financial status.

Thank you for using Tax Twink.

The Tax Twink Team.

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